Carl Laukkanen

Carl Laukkanen is a sound artist, musician and composer living and working in Portland, OR. Born and raised in suburbia Oregon, he studied contemporary music in the high desert of New Mexico at the former College of Santa Fe.

His diverse, and divergent work covers genres such as sound art, ambient music and rock n’ roll. There may not be an obvious thread tying these disparate genres together, but at the heart is a exploration of sound, a search for deeper meanings, and a constant attempt to understand himself and the world at large. In life you have to wear many hats. Same here.

Laukkanen’s music is trying to see beauty in the profound and mundane and to create structure from chaos in a curious, whimsical, reverent, irreverent, logical, and illogical world. In the end, he’s mostly searching for sound’s capacity to help us transcend the parameters of everyday life.